Finishing last year and onto 2017

I haven’t been on my blog for a while- December was very busy craft wise as this year I made all my own cards and Christmas presents as I had a lot more time than previous years now I’m retired from midwifery, and then its been the usual post Christmas rush catching up with all sorts of projects, however hopefully now things are back to a more steady pace and I can share my projects during the year which will include a few for my eldest daughters wedding . She got engaged at the end of the summer and will be getting married on August 18th this year in Christchurch Dorset. Currently i am making some hopefully very nice “rustic” themed wedding invitation cards which hopefully I can share with you soon including the details of how I made them. A couple of photos below of some of the crochet Christmas  presents made for my daughter and son in law to be and my youngest son.

I made a a lovely chunky mermaid tail for my daughter at her request – using 12 balls of Sirdar “Chunky” yarn


mermaid tail in Sirdar chunky

I made some warm bobble hats for my sons and son in law to be, scarves and mittens, the basket weave stitch hat and scarf were made with Scheepjes stonewashed yarn in the lovely shades of blue apatite and smokey quartz which go very well together, another hat in some left over schweppes merino soft from my last dance under the stars blanket, and some bright blue creations for my youngest son in the Pokemon team mystic colours using the new love crochet Paintbox aran yarn, which I must say is a nice budget acrylic yarn to work with with- practically no splittings  and a nice soft finish


Blue, white and grey team mystic set with Paintbox yarn aran and Scheepjes stonewashed basketweave hat and scarf.


New projects for this year include one of my favourite things to crochets – shawls, the first I have started is the Scheepjes melting snowflakes shawl which I have chosen to make in the “crystal” colour way, this uses Scheepjes gorgeous merino soft yarn again with crystal bead decoration in the flowers and for the tassels at each end- this is my work so far and when I finish it I will share some photos and review the kit provided by scheepjes.


Scheepjes melting snowflake shawl in merino soft

Just finished on the shawl front is Joanne Scrace’s Northmoor lock shawl, I would class this as a shawl type scarf, from the The Crochet Project– The Shawl project Book 1, I previously made her Acer  shawl (Love Crochet CAL Acer Shawl) which you can see below also, Joanne is definitely the Queen of shawls as far as I can see and I will be treating my self to the Shawl project book 2 in the future. For the Northmoor lock I used the new Scheepjes secret garden cotton and silk mix yarn, I chose the shade lily pond as the shawl/ scarf was for myself and the pattern used 3 50gram balls, the pattern is suitable for any silk mix yarn, the scheepjes secret garden works up beautifully and makes a lovely draped fabric. I used a 3.5mm clover hook with the yarn, I blocked the the shawl afterwards as Joanne suggests and washed it in my favourite jasmine Eucalan for blocking 🙂 This an ideal project for a crochet beginner I would say.


Northmoor Lock pattern by Joanne Scrace The Shawl project book 1



Acer Shawl pattern by Joanne Scrace – Love Crochet CAL

I plan on completing some more of Joannes shawl patterns this year which i will share and also i am going to to do the new Scheepjes  CAL the “Hygge” wrap, I will review the kit provided by Scheepjes when I receive it and share my Cal journey – this CAL is slightly unique in that it includes decorating the crochet with cross stitch and lining the wrap, the project has been designed by Kirsten Ballering. So hopefully see you during the year for ongoing projects- what do you have planned for 2017?

Happy hooking and crafting 🙂

Crochet basket pattern


I wanted to make a  handy crochet project basket for indoors,  to use for my current project of the week instead of manhandling my big crochet bag all over the house- also I wanted to try and make it like yarn bowl so I could leave my yarn in it instead of it either unravelling on the floor or again having to move the yarn bowl around. I did think first to go a rustic looking yarn but then I decided to go with something a bit more fun and colourful using t shirt yarn, I used Scheepjes Nooodle ( yes it is 3 x o). This was more than  robust enough to make a standing basket and was made using a clover 12mm hook.

To make-

You need 3 skeins of Scheepjes noodle- in the colours or colour of your choice. 12mm crochet hook, stitch marker, scissors, needle and sewing cotton.

I started with a magic ring – 6 dc = 6st, mark your last stitch on each row with a stitch marker

row 1: 2 hdc in each stitch= 12st

row 2: *1 hdc, 2 hdc in next stitch* – repeat to end of row =18st

row 3: *1 hdc in first 2 stitches, 2 hdc in next stitch*, repeat to end of row = 24st

row 4:*1 hdc in first 3 stitches, 2 hdc in next stitch*, repeat to end of row = 30st

row 5:*1 hdc in first 4 stitches, 2 hdc in next stitch*, repeat to end of row = 36st

row 6:*1 hdc in first 5 stitches, 2 hdc in next stitch*, repeat to end of row = 42st

row 7:*1 hdc in first 6 stitches, 2 hdc in next stitch*, repeat to end of row = 48st

row 8:dc in back loop 48st ( this forms a slight ridge at the base of the basket before you go upwards)

row 9: dc both loops  48 stitches

rows 10-15 : repeat row 9

I changed colour on row 16 if you wish to do the same, row 16 &17 were green, rows 18 & 19 were purple, r0ws 20-23 were green, returning to purple on row 24.

If you don’t want a yarn escape : Rows 16 – 29: repeat row 9 1 dc in each stitch

if you do want a yarn escape-

on row 21: dc 24 stitches, slip stitch next 2 stitches, dc next 22 stiches

on row 22: dc 21, 1 tr, 2 chain, 1 tr, dc 23

on row 23-29 – repeat row 9

Fasten off, I then turned the last row over to form a lip for the basket, I sewed this into place underneath with purple thread.

Tip: weave in eands using a safety pin to pull the t-shirt fabric through-  didn’t have a needle big enough for this one 🙂


handle if you want one :

Chain 30 with a strand of each colour, or two strands of the 1 colour if thats what you are using, hdc in the the second chain from the hook to the end, fasten off. Attach to underneath of the lip of the basket where required with needle and cotton.

Essentials pocket ( I did mine in a contrasting colour)

Chain 11

row 1: dc in second chain from hook to end, 10st

row 2: chain 1, dc to end, 10st

row 3-14 : repeat row 2

fasten off and sew onto basket in required spot with needle and thread, I then divided my pocket by sewing down the middle as well-  and added a samll bow of tshirt fabric at the top as decoration- or you can hang stich makers on the bow :). I’m now happy using my soft basket / yarn bowl – just the job !

All patterns are for unlimited personal use. Do not reproduce or sell (parts of) the patterns. Patterns may not be copied in any way (print or digitally), in part or in full, except for personal reference. Items may be sold that are made from this pattern as long as the designer is credited.