A quick beanie hat pattern… last post of the year

1 skein of Scheepjes Wanderlust makes a gorgeous beanie style hat, the yarn is super-soft despite being a very reasonably priced acrylic and all the shades have beautiful colour changes, there is a very plain beanie pattern for men in one of the Scheepjes pattern books but I wanted something a little more fancy and chunky so I have designed my own beanie pattern for wanderlust which I would like to share with you. The shade I have used here is Chicago (465) so I have called my pattern blackberry fields as the colours remind me of blackberry hedgerows growing in the fields of Dorset. You could use 1 skein of any of the wanderlust colours and change the name to suit your colour palette 🙂


You will require 1 skein Wanderlust and a 4mm crochet hook, there is a little remaining yarn when you finish so you could also make a small pom-pom if you want one.

Tr = triple crochet Ch = chain FPtr = front post triple BPtr = back post triple sl – slip stitch dc = double crochet tr2tog = triple 2 together (decrease 1) pc = popcorn

To make a popcorn

  1. Work 5 triple crochet (tr) stitches in the same stitch.
  2. Drop the loop from your hook.
  3. Insert your hook from front to back under the top 2 loops of the first triple crochet of the group.
  4. Grab the dropped loop with your hook and pull it through the stitch.

NB : After row 1 you are working in the round

Chain 97 leaving long tail

Row 1: tr in the third chain from the hook and tr in each chain = 95 stitches

Row 2: Chain 2 ( does not count as a stitch throughout) *FPtr into the first stitch, BPtr into the second stitch * repeat from * to end, 1 FPtr in the last stitch and slip stitch to the top of chain 2.

Row 3: Chain 2, *FPtr into the first stitch, BPtr into the second* repeat from* to the end and sl to top of ch2

Row 4-7 repeat row 2 to form ribbed section of the hat

Row 8: ch1 ( does not count as stitch throughout) dc in every stitch to end, sl to join to ch 1

Rows 9-13 repeat row 8

Row 14: Ch2, 1 tr in first stitch, ch1, skip 2, tr 5 in next stitch, *skip 2, 1tr in next, skip 2, tr5 in next* repeat * to end, skip last 2 stitches and sl into top of ch2

Row 15: Ch2, 1tr in first stitch, *ch1, skip 2, tr3 into next, skip2, ch1, dc into next* (this will be the central stitch of the tr5 from row 14) repeat from * and sl to ch2

Row 16: Ch2, 1 tr in next stitch, skip ch and 5tr into next dc, *skip ch and dc into next stitch ( middle of tr3 from row 15), skip next stitch 5tr into next dc*, repeat to end and sl into ch2.

Row 17-22: repeat row 8

Row 23: Ch2, *tr9, tr2tog* (decrease1) Repeat * 7 times, tr7, sl to ch2 (87s)

Row 24: Ch2, *tr8, tr2tog*, repeat *7 times, tr5 , tr2tog, tr1, sl to ch2 (79s)

Row 25: Ch2, *tr7 tr2tog*, repeat* 7 times, tr5, tr2tog, sl to ch2 ( 70s )

Row 26: ch2, 1r, tr2tog, 1 pc, * 3tr, 1pc, tr1, tr2tog, 1pc* repeat * to end sl to join to ch2 (61s)

Row 27: Ch2, 2tr, FPtr around pc from row 26, tr1, *tr2tog, FPtr around pc, 2tr *( make sure you pick up hidden stitch from popcorn) sl to ch2 (53s)

Row 28: Ch2, tr2tog, FPtr, *tr2tog, Fptr* repeat * to end, sl to ch2 (35s)

Row 29: Ch2, 1tr, 1FPtr, 1tr, *1FPtr2tog, 1 FPtr, 1tr,* repeat * to end sl to ch2 (27s)

Row 30: Ch2, 1tr,* FPtr2tog* repeat * to end, sl to ch2, (18s)

Row 31: Ch2, tr2tog 8 times (10s), leaving a long tail break yarn and pull through remaining stitches, pull tight and weave in ends on inside of hat. Also sew initial tr row together with long end and weave in ends on inside of hat. Make a pom- pom with remaining yarn if desired.


All patterns are for unlimited personal use. Do not reproduce or sell (parts of) the patterns. Patterns may not be copied in any way (print or digitally), in part or in full, except for personal reference. Items may be sold that are made from this pattern as long as the designer is credited.

Happy New Year all and happy hooking!


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