Unicorn amigurumi love

I love making amigurumi crochet animals, this one is a particularly cute and a request from my daughter ( even though she is 26) as a big fan of ‘Fluffy’ Agnes’s toy unicorn in the film”Despicable me “. This quite a large cuddly project so I felt I needed some really robust but silky to the touch yarn, I didn’t want to use just a cotton yarn doubled. The yarn that fitted the bill was Scheepjes cotton “Bloom” yarn, it is a 100% cotton aran yarn but is woven into what I can only describe as a tube making it super strong and prevents any yarn splitting – which can be a real pain with Amigurumi. The fact it shares its name with a rather gorgeous actor know for playing an elf or a pirate is an additional fun fact 🙂 Scheepjes recommend a 5mm hook with this yarn, however I used a 4mm clover hook as I wanted to a achive a tightly woven fabric which is best for amigurumi,  the project required 2 ball of the snowdrop 424 (white ) shade and 2 balls of the Rose 409 ( pale pink ) shade, I also used 1 ball of lilac 404 and fuschia 407 for the mane and tail- however you could easily just use stash yarn for the curlies made for the mane and tail- and obviously depends if you want a unicorn that looks like fluffy in pink colours or other combinations- a lot are made in a rainbow effect like the one in the pattern I used as a basis for my unicorn, this gorgeous creation by ChiWei can be found at her blog 1dogwoof    Also I chose to make my uncorn horn in the pale pink rather than a yellow or gold colour and I enlarged the stitch count by 10 at thw widest point to make a bigger model.

The head was completed first with the horn and ears, and then the body, they were sewn together before making the legs.I sewed a cross stitch pattern on the ears with the rose yarn to give the ears their centre colour after attaching, which you can see in the later photos below.

Legs completed and sewn on, I made mine quite floppy so they can be moved around by not fully stuffing the top of the legs and sewing closed onto the body, the original pattern suggests sewing them on open- which would give a more firm effect – depends what you are looking for.

Now for the mane and tail which is the fun bit as with this type of toy you can do whatever you imagination suggests!

in progress on my craft dresser

I stuck to pink shades for the main and tail to get the essence of “Fluffy” but you could make them in any colours to get lots of lovely effects.


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