Soapy tales

Well life has certainly changed for me over this summer I have moved house to Osmington a small Dorset village just outside Weymouth, previously we were living actually in Weymouth town, and I have retired from my job as a Midwifery matron- life is too short for all that stress! So now I am chilling out in Osmington with loads of time on my hands for crafting- I never knew there were so many projects I wanted to do 🙂 One of my projects is to to set up a little handmade soap business to hopefully bring in a little bit of extra income to my pension. Actually making the soap is the enjoyable and satisfying part- but when you start making to sell it is quite different to just making for your self and friends, suddenly you have to start thinking about cosmetic safety assessments for your recipes and ensuring that all your products have the correct labelling for ingredients , batch numbers and contact details – so a bit of a challenge involved as well! However so far I have found it to be an interesting process abeit a little slow, all the people I have come in to contact with to achieve  the steps I need to take to turn a hobby into a business have been incredibly helpful.

Shortly I should be able to open my Etsy shop “Pogles Cottage Crafts ” where I will be selling the soap and bath bomb products and also offering a service to make party / wedding / baby shower favours to order, I shall also be selling some handmade crochet items and offering a small order service for some items -I am sure this will be enough to keep me very busy!! When I get the go ahead for my recipes I will show you what will be happening on my little production line.

These are a few of the soaps I will be selling below, which you can also see on my instagram feed below or on my facebookpage Poglehookery


One thought on “Soapy tales

  1. Your soaps look so beautiful, I’m sure they smell lush too. I’m a sucker for good quality smellies, I actually ask for them at Christmas! Good look in your new venture. 😊


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