Last dance on the beach in memory of Wink- week 11

Well finally got to week 11 after falling behind during my holiday, then moving and retiring  all in one month 🙂

Week 11 is a fun bobble square designed by Annelies Baes from, this represents the little piles of pebbles that you find on the beach. It was a little tricky to start with as you can end up with a slightly too holey version or if you crochet too tight it doesn’t look right either, hook sizes for me on this one ended up being Clover 4.5mm for the Merino soft and Clover 4mm for the Colourcrafter. I got to dip into another one of the gorgeous red colours for the merino soft square on my stars blanket Picasso 621 and the bright jewel type blue  Delft 1117 on the Colourcrafter sea blanket. One more square and it will be time for me to join up the blankets- can’t wait ! This has been a fantastic CAL and having seen the blankets that some people in the group have already finished I can’t wait to see my own 🙂



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