Last dance on the beach CAL week 9 in memory of Wink


I love the look the pattern creates for week 9 of the last dance on the beach CAL designed by Dedri Uys of this week, especially in the beautiful golden Scheepjes merino soft colour  Van Gogh (614) for this weeks dance under the stars blanket, this might be one of my favourite squares overall ! 🙂  Once you get the hang of the cable pattern it flows easily and is a relaxing and quick growing pattern to crochet, the inspiration for this square  is crabs walking across the beach / incoming water. I think I will be using this pattern for something else in future.

merino soft  Van Gogh 614

The dance in the sea square which I am doing in the Scheepjes Colour Crafter acrylic  uses a lovely deep blue shade Middelburg (1003), these two squares definitely evoke summer sea, skies and sand to me in these gorgeous shades. I used my 4.0mm clover hook for the Colour Crafter this week and 4.5mm clover hook for the merino soft.

Colour Crafter Middleburg 1003


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