Last dance on the beach in memory of Wink week 8

Week 8 is a gorgeous waffle textured square – chunky and feel good  just right for a snuggly blanket. Again with this square once you had the pattern embedded in the memory a nice relaxing square to create and chill out with in front of the TV. This square was created  by Jellina Verhoeff of I found that I was back to my normal clover hook sizes with this square 5.0 mm for the merino soft and 4.0 mm for the Colourcrafter. The colour for my star blanket  in merino soft was back to the gorgeous deep purple Hockney (638) which was also used for the waves square of week 4, whereas the colour crafter sea blanket used the baby blue Texel (1019) also used in week 4 for the waves square.

The photos below are of the unblocked squares as I haven’t had a chance with all the unpacking for the move ( thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it :)) I’ll try and add the blocked photos later to show the difference – I really think blocking makes a difference to your work and produces a more professional finish.

I will be adding some photos of the new house shortly from the picturesque village of Osmington in Dorset near Weymouth just above the famous hillside chalk white horse and hopefully sharing some progress on my new venture after retiring as an NHS midwife at the beginning of July.



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