Last dance on the beach in memory of Wink- week 6 & 7

So I am catching up on my last dance on the beach blankets ( stars and sea) post Norway holiday ( photos on the last post), I have been working on weeks 6 and 7 together, both relaxing easy squares to do but beautifully textured designs for this beautiful blanket.

For week 6 Carmen Jorissen from designed a lovely textured corner to corner square, so nice to sit and relax with a rhythmic crochet design which once the stitch repeat is mastered requires little referral to the pattern. The Colour Crafter acrylic version for my sea blanket is the sandy colour Ermelo (1710) and this week I had to reduce to a 3.0mm clover hook and for the star blanket in merino soft  the luxurious chocolate brown Rembrandt again I reduced to a 3.5mm clover hook, these colours will also I believe feature as the joining and edging colours for the blankets .

For week 7 we have the very popular heart square, which some crocheters have chosen to personalise by using alternative motifs, this was designed by Maria McPherson  from Using the versatile popcorn stitch but with double crochet background ( Single crochet USA) this time the square is a simple effective design and evokes the feeling behind the blanket – the obvious love for Wink from her fellow bloggers and many fans around the world. For my stars blanket it was time to use the lovely deep crimson merino soft colour Klee (622) and for the sea blanket Alphen (1722) again which was previously used for the star square on week 2, this week I found i needed a 3.5mm clover hook for the Colour crafter and 4.0 mm for the merino soft.

The weeks are rushing by now I must get on with weeks 8& 9 already out to catch up 🙂 Might be difficult as I am moving house next week but I will do my best! this will also be a big change for me as I am retiring from my job of the last 3 decades as a midwife and looking forward to starting new phase to my life which will give me the opportunity to be more creative and explore new avenues 🙂

Hopefully see you soon!
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