Last dance on the beach in memory of Wink week 5

It’s taken a little while for me to post this one as although I finished all but one of the 8 squares for my 2 blankets -sea and stars before going on holiday to Norway, I didn’t have time to post before I left and now I’m back I’m trying to prepare for moving house – however I will trying catch up with the weekly updates and the crochet squares the best I can 🙂

The week 5 square is deceptively simple but very effective , giving lots of ideas for other variated possibilities! Seagull stitch, representing seagull footprints across the untouched wet sand designed by Nerissa Muijs of

With the Scheepjes merino soft the stars blanket uses the beautiful heather coloured Monet (639)



With the Scheepjes Colour Crafter acrylic yarn  the sea blanket uses Eelde (1422) a gorgeous vibrant turquoise


I love this design and its simplicity- it has endless possibilities for use elsewhere with variations on a theme, also a relaxing square to make and works up very quickly.

Just to end some photographs of the beautiful scenery from our trip to Norway that has kept me away from the internet and also provided heaps of inspiration for crafting/ crochet projects ! 🙂

Happing Hooking!



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