Last dance on the beach in memory of Wink week 4

The week 4 square is aptly representative of waves on the beach and is designed by Atty van Norel from, I think this probably my favourite design so far and very easy and quick to create once you learn the pattern. For my dance under the stars blanket in merino soft the colour this week is the gorgeous purple Hockney (338) , this added to my pleasure as definitely my most favourite colour! 🙂 The dancing in the sea version with ColourCrafter uses Texel ( 1019) a lovely baby blue that makes you think of summer skies.

This weeks gauge was fairly simple to achieve, I think most people were using  the same size hook as their gauge square in the Facebook group here Facebook Scheepjes CAL 2016 group I certainly did for my ColourCrafter squares using a 4.5mm hook but with the merino soft I came down a size from the 5.5mm hook I had been using for most of the merino soft squares to a 5 mm, I think my tension and “golden loop” may be adjusting to the merino  as originally I had to go up a size to achieve the correct gauge tension. The Scheepjes admin group/ designers recommend blocking for these squares, even for the acrylic ColourCrafter, I always think it improves the look of the finished piece and totally agree it does on this project, the acrylic yarn  squares actually feel better afterwards as well as keeping their shape, which I was surprised by -having only blocked natural fibres before.


merino soft Hockney 638


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