Cotton blanket creation


I’ve made a few baby blankets before but this time I wanted to try out a simple star afghan pattern not having attempted one in this style before. I also wanted to make a cellular style breathable blanket which would be suitable for small baby in warmer months as well, so cotton seemed to be the obvious choice. Looking around for pastel colours in a mercerised cotton I found a great UK company called Three Bears Yarn who just happened to have a price reduction promotion which I came across on instagram. Any non instagrammers out there – Instagram is a great place for yarn giveaways and codes for promotional offers – well worth following the numerous companies and small independent suppliers who are out there. I ordered a cotton pastels big bear pack on special offer, it currently now retails for £27.99 on their website for 16 50g balls of dk cotton ( 2 of each colour ). The colours are gorgeous in the pastel pack and I was immediately enamoured of the quality of the yarn, my biggest frustration as a crocheter is splitting yarn and I can honestly say this cotton dk does not split, it is a tiny bit thinner than some makes but the fact there is no splitting whatsoever more than makes up for this !

I used all the colours in the pack except one (which was saved for another project I will share with you next) pure white, mellow yellow, baby pink, baby blue, gentle green, peaches and cream and purple delight, I used 2 x 50g of the white and approximately  1 x 50g ball of all the 6 coloured shades using a 3.5mm Clover hook on one strand of yarn for the pattern in treble stitch (UK treble), the yarn is beautifully smooth to work with and no spitting as already mentioned… so definitely a relaxing experience. Great stitch definition which was enhanced by wet blocking of the final  product, the pictures here are of the unblocked blanket, which is still lovely but I felt the final look of the item was improved by wet blocking and resulted in the quite thick edging I applied with two strands of the yarn in htr (half treble UK) in the gentle green colour lying completely flat after blocking. ( by wet blocking I mean completely soaking the item in a specialised sweet smelling yarn rinse product and blocking on foam board with T pins, I don’t use the spray method). I’m really happy with my resulting piece of work and chuffed that I have managed to achieve that cellular ( allowing the air to circulate) feel to my blanket, it should be able to adapt to temperature change quite nicely.

I found my first attempt at an afghan star design less difficult than I thought it would be, once I had established which was the first stitch to enter on the turning point of each star arm and getting the stitch miss tension correct to create the pattern in the dip of the star arm I was away very easily and the crochet flowed nicely. I enjoyed creating my colour style for the blanket repeating each colour twice interspaced with white and I am pleased with the look this has created. The pattern that I used is a free one from Mikey at the Crochet crowd baby star afghan


Next time I will talk about my second project with this beautiful yarn and similar colour variation only using the lovely cuddles and cream as my main colour with the other pastels to make a dreamy cushion cover.

Happy hooking !

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